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Store of the Future
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The Store of the Future 2012 - 2015.

The store of the future?

The Centre for Retail Research was commissioned by Visa Europe to investigate the Store of the Future 2012-15. We interviewed 300 retailers from seven European countries (27,000 stores and €308bn sales) and 1,000 shoppers.

The Report itself has not been published and is confidential to Visa. It deals with the use of technology by customers, shopping by mobile/cellphone, virtual shopping for fashion, changes in payment systems, green retailing, the use of physical stores for Internet shopping and many other topics of customer and retail interest.

One major issue is how physical stores will relate to online shopping. The results here were varied. Some retailers were not interested on online and some were multi-channel, running physical stores and an online offer.

Some retailers with a good spread of stores across the UK were keen for their shops to act as drop-off points, where customers could collect goods delivered by online companies. Others saw e-commerce as something that could be carried out in their stores on company-provided PCs instead on only being done at home or at work.

Others saw online as providing them with an infinite store; any item you choose could be ordered and collected the next day.

Two years on from this research, what we found as possibilities are turning into different tactical choices made by retailers.

There are two briefing papers, which can be downloaded here

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